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About Us

MobiProbe is a space grade, malleable, realtime, performance and engagement measurement workbench for connected devices, systems and applications.

Our toolkit allows technology driven businesses of the knowledge economy to monitor realtime performance of their technology platforms along with effeciently measure last node system engagement. This enables better resource utilisation, improved system performance, enhanced customer experience and uptick in bottomline.

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Towards Singularity Single workbench, multiple nodes

MobiProbe workbench provides you instant access to system performance and engagement data at one place. You may have a distributed system spread across mobile, web, IoT enabled nodes, with MobiProbe you have access to clustered data from all endpoints, at a single location... your MobiProbe Dashboard.

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Towards Cognition Ask smart questions

Using MobiProbe PowerFunnells you can combine any combination of [key,value] dataset being reported by your system cluster to observe patterns that might otherwise be left untouched. With smart graphing and dynamic filter options you can find answers to all the questions that are critical for your system, application and business.

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Enabling businesses across domains

MobiProbe's technology is powering businesses across the world spread over vast domains. Get in touch with us for a consultation paper about how your business can benefit from MobiProbe.




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Business intelligence

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