In spite of the fact iPhone apps are generally very stable, sometimes we encounter an application that crashes at random. A crashing app in iPhone is usually referred as an app that stops itself immediately and return back to its Home Screen without the expectation of the user.It can happen immediately while opening the app and crashes randomly in the middle of using it, or sometimes a crash can even be triggered predictably by a specific action that is attempted inside the application.

Reasons for iPhone App Crashing:

Since we are all app-addicted, it is frustrating when our apps crash while we are in the middle of something important. Let’s take a look at what is behind each of these uncommon app crashes.The first of the causes for sudden app crashes on the iPhone is an error of iOS, where it seems to forget iTunes password. Hence, whenever we attempt to open an app, iOS fails to approve our iTunes password to make sure that we are actually entitled to run the app (due to the personal and sensitive information that the app might contain), causing it to crash while opening.The second cause for sudden app crashes conveys more concrete proof and has to do with Apple distributing corrupt binaries of certain apps through the App Store. iPhone apps crash severely when third party APIs are used extensively.

iPhone App Crash Reporting Service:

iPhone App crash reporting tools have evolved to become more developer-friendly over time. MobiProbe is an efficient app crash reporting service for iPhone apps with the vision to create a highly focussed platform for performance diagnostics. . Its free, light weight and permits to add numerous recipients to receive the crash reports, which gets conveyed to their email addresses. MobiProbe provides realtime alerts with detailed stack traces for crash events and looks to provide more control to app developers and give end users a better experience.

Additional Tips to Resolve the Issue:

Here are few tips all together of ease and difficulty, for best results you‘ll likely want to try them all.It includes Reboot the device,quit and re-launch the app,delete the app and re-install,update iOS to the latest version and reduce the number of iPhone apps.