Dear Programmers.

We know how hard you folks work and the hustle that is to deliver your projects on time. But you all awesome people manage that effectively.

A common trait of good programmers is the amount of reusable code that they maintain which can be reused again and again for multiple projects.

With that thought in mind, we at MobiProbe decided to feature such brilliant programmers and write about the utilities they have developed, which not only helps them but will be of use to the developer community at large. This series has been named “Developer Rockstars”.

Meet this week’s Developer Rockstar – Abhishek Dhiman.

Abhishek works as a senior programmer with an IT services company.

Abhishek leads a team of mobile app developers in his organisation and is passionate about emerging technologies in mobile development.

As a seasoned mobile developer himself , Abhishek realised the pain point in maintaining persistent data in a mobile Apps. Traditionally SQLite has been used for that purpose but as all app developers know it is not that convenient to work with within your App. This motivated Abhishek to develop his own library to maintain persistent data in Android Apps — that not only benefited him but has benefitted the developer community at large. Abhishek rightly named the library as “LightningSync”.

LighteningSync provides a really simple wrapper to manage persistent data in your Android App.

Standard CRUD operations are very easily performed without the hassle of handling traditional SQLite helpers.  One can create JAVA bean classes and manage their persistent data very easily with the help of LighteningSync.

Not only does LighteningSync make it really easy to manage your persistent data. As an added benefit it also a really simple and efficient HTTP request wrapper. With LighteningSync it gets really easy to write  HTTP GET and POST request, all through the help of basic JAVA bean classes.

Lightning Sync a combination of libraries which provides:

1) ultra light object relational mapping (ORM) between Java classes and SQLite database. Its supported platform is Android. The library was started with the objective of providing a layer over SQLite database without writing complex queries.

2) An HTTP library that makes REST apis integration for Android apps easier and most importantly, faster.


• Compact & Precise

• Easy set up

• Fast processing

• Less time consuming

• Less boiler plate code

The Library can be accessed ( along with the integration guide) at:


“This was the only thing that was coming into my mind. I think its not up to the mark and needs improvements. So i decided to build it myself” says Abhishek.


( Abhishek Dhiman – Author of LighteningSync)

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