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In today’s post we bring to you a really cool library for Android — HashTagView.

HashTagView, a widget that provides a cool way to distinguish HashTags from regular text. We all have seen in Facebook while posting status with different #HashTags how the app changes the font and color of the text and distinguish it from the remaining status. This forces me to create a library that serves the same process but with a lot more customisation. HashTagView not only distinguish the #HashTags from the text, it can also change the font size, set color, make the text bold, italics & underline not only this, custom fonts can also be added for the same and also provides a click event for the selected #HashTags so that developers can perform different actions depending upon the #HashTags.


hash tag view

HashTagView is a combination of two different Views:

i)TextView & ii)EditText

Include the one that suites best for your application.

Adding HashTagView to your code is very easy, just include the library in your project and corresponding View in your XML file. All the customisation can be handled either in XML or in Java files.

Adding HashTagView will add an extra edge to your application both by functionality & visually appealing.

The library is available at:


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HashTagView has been written by Abhishek Dhiman, our guest columnist.