By : Abhishek Dhiman


Most of us use mobile applications for shopping to fulfil our needs & most of us admire the UI of these applications, when the time comes to develop applications that requires these complicated/eye catching UIs we think deep down in our brains to find the logic for creating these UI components.

Today I bring library of such an eye catching UI which is known as the ChipView. The following component can be used in various ways to integrate in the application, either by making it a search component or setting tags for some type of item, etc. ChipView does that for you.




ChipView widget provides you a flexible way to make you application & component look good. Just import the library in your project, add the View to your XML and create a ChipBuilder to making a fancy looking chip for your application and assign the builder to the chip view.


ChipBuilder helps you in creating different type of Chips, it can a just a single coloured Chip, multi coloured chip or a chip having a custom UI, ChipBuilder can do this all. Integrate ChipView to your application and mesmerise your customers.

ChipView helps you in creating attractive [Chips] for your application. ChipView provides you a flexible way of creating and organising your chip by following ways:

  • Adding a background or text color to your chip
  • Creating custom layout for your chip
  • Can even create multi color chips


And yes, do not forget to use www.mobiprobe.com, while you’re building your App using ChipView.


The library can be downloaded from here.


Happy Coding…